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会議の目的は 洋の東西を問わず 議題に則って参加者が話し合い何らかの結論を出そうとするもので 英語の会議でもその基本は変わらない。

英語で議題は agenda と言い 通常は会議の取り纏め役がいて その人が議長であれば chairman、進行役であれば master になる。Agenda の書かれた用紙などが会議の冒頭 または それ以前に渡されることが一般的である。

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会議は 通常 冒頭の Opening で その目的や進め方が簡単に説明されるのが一般的だが フォーマルな会議では その進行の仕方が細かく定められていることもある。

例えば、株主総会などでは Quorum といって、会議が成立するに必要な委任状などの定数を獲得しているかというようなことの確認からスタートし、会議で確認されるべきことが細かく定められているものである。しかし、通常のビジネスミーティングは あまり形式に拘らずに 議題について話し合うことに重点が置かれるのが一般的だ。

参加者がお互いに面識がない時には 自己紹介や参加者が記名をする紙が回わされてサインをするなども一般的で 名刺交換も 近年は普及してきた観がある。会議後には 議事録 (Minute of Meeting) が作成され、そのコピーが参加者に渡されて内容に間違いがないことを確認されたりすることもあるが、そのような書類へのサインには 自分が発言したことや自社に関連したことで第三者が発言したことの記述など 気を付けなければならないポイントがあることもあるでしょう。

ABC Corporation Mamagement Meeting Meeting Minutes -- January 10, 2019

The regular monthly management meeting of the ABC Corporation was held on Thursday, January 10, 2019, at 6:00 P.M., at the room 101, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved as corrected.

The Treasurer reported the receipt of a bill from the Ace Company in the amount of $5,000 for the improvements recently made in the office building. The question put by the chair "that the bill be paid" was adopted.

Mr. Itoh, reporting on behalf of Construction Committee, "that Ken Ishida be admitted to membership in the Committee." The motion was adopted after debate.

The report of the Program Committee was received and placed on file.

The special committee that was appointed to investigate and report on suitable parking facilities near the office building reported, through its chairman, Mrs. Segawa, a resolution, which, after debate and amendment, was adopted as follows:

"Resolved, That ... 後略"

The resolution relating to the use of the Company's library by nonmembers, which was postponed from the last meeting, was then taken up. This motion and a pending amendment were laid on the table after the chair announced that the guest speaker had received a phone message which would require his early departure.

The President introduced the guest speaker, Mr. James Tower, whose subject was Cash Flow Management.

At the conclusion of Mr. Tower's talk, the resolution relating to the use of the library by nonmembers was taken from the table. After amendment and further debate, the resolution was adopted as follows:

"Resolved, That ... 後略"

Mr. Gotoh moved "that the Committee undertake the establishment of a summer camp for boys on its lakefront property." Mrs. Tokuda moved to amend this motion by inserting the word "underprivileged" before "boys." On motion of Mr. Doi, the motion to establish the camp, with the pending amendment, was referred to a committee of three to be appointed by the chair with instructions to report at the next meeting. The chair appointed Messrs. Fuse, Donoue, and Funa to the committee.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 P.M.

Margaret Koyama, Secretary

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